Gummigoo Base XL Edition

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An avatar base, based on Gummigoo and his partners in crime from The Amazing Digital Circus! With extra large features included!

If you are Quest exclusive, THIS AVATAR WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU DUE TO THE LIMITATIONS IN PLACE, please just buy the other one if you want this model, as a quest version of this model is not possible yet.

Features include:

  • A fat slider with 2 shapes to blend between
  • A custom made inflation system using magic syrup that makes you big
  • Cross-avatar interactions with said inflation system and syrup
  • Over 20 different hat options
  • 25 custom textures, and a texture editor in blender
  • Gummigoo, Chad, and Max versions, all customizable
  • Chad has wiggly arms you can toggle
  • Max has a pizza tower style taunt
  • The ability to blow up yourself into confetti


  • Why are all the hats on at once? / Find the hat, and shape key (in the inspector to the right) and delete the ones you don't want, then drag the right material on (i.e. under the "cowboy hat" you can find the "doug dimmadome" shape key, and under the "hats" material folder, you can find a material of the same name.
  • My arms don't work! Why is this happening? / Please use the most recent version of unity (2022.3.22f1), and of the VRC SDK.
  • My arms aren't lined up when I'm big? / This is caused by the constraint system that I have put in place for the arms to stop them from clipping, you'll be able to grab things where your real arms are, but your arms are visually moved out of the way to stop them from moving inside the belly.
  • My avatar is white/pink, what's causing this? / You need to install the Poiyomi shaders, which can be found here.

You can: Make any texture you want using the texture editor, mess with the materials as much as you want, customize the mesh of the avatar to make any customizations you'd want, add new hats to the model. If it's used in a render, or animation, credit somewhere along the way would be greatly appreciated

You CAN'T: Redistribute this model with the intent of uploading it anywhere (i.e. vrchat, or some other file sharing service), or using it for profit in any way. Texture edits are allowed, just don't offer them at exorbitant prices please, there's an easy to use texture editor that's there for people to create with in a way that's hopefully easy to understand.

I want this!

A highly customizable base, based on Gummigoo, Max, and Chad from The Amazing Digital Circus, with features of fat!

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Gummigoo Base XL Edition

5 ratings
I want this!